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With the growth of our Primary Health Clinic, we found one thing in the healthcare system that we couldn’t fix by simply creating an accessible, caring provider of services – health insurance! So, we decided to make our own program to assist with payment options where basic insurance is letting many fall through the gaps. Spectrum Health Care is excited to offer our community the Wavelength Health Plan! In looking at other models of service, (under many names Concierge Medicine, Subscription Medicine, Direct Primary Care) we found that a simplified subscription model worked best for our current and ever-expanding patient pool. We needed to be sure that those most in need for another option, are the patients who will benefit most from this plan. We have built our plans to be affordable and provide the most important services to help ensure everyone can receive needed services WHEN– they need them and have a program actually cover those costs without the worry of co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket minimums to meet. We have also found that those who feel they need to be fully insured, due to current or anticipated health conditions or desire to be prepared for the unexpected, may also benefit from this Subscription Plan due to the rise in deductibles and out-of-pocket minimums that must be met before the insurance plan fully takes effect. Our research found that a reasonable monthly subscription caring for your basic medical needs is just what most patients are missing. Whether chosen as an addition to your primary medical health plan or as a stand-alone option*, Spectrum Health Care’s Wavelength Health Plan has you covered!

What is Subscription Medicine?

Simply put, you subscribe annually and receive basic needed care without the hassle of deductibles and out-of-pocket minimums. You pay a monthly subscription fee (see chart below of services and options). When needed, you call the office for an appointment (usually same day or next day) to discuss your health concern. Depending on the services provided, most visits are fully covered by your monthly premium paid. If additional tests or services are needed for diagnosis or treatment, Spectrum Health Care has extensive referral partners who offer reduced costs for those uninsured. Spectrum also offers some in-house testing options included with your subscription plan. Ultimately, a Wavelength Health Plan will provide you with the peace of mind knowing there is always someone there for you, when you need them, and will not break the bank in your hour of need.

Services and Plans

When entering into an agreement for Wavelength Health Plan, you will have the following services included. The full agreement may be downloaded here.

Referrals and Partners

Below is a short list of our partners and referral resources utilized by our Clinic and included with your Wavelength Health Plan! 

Advanced Radiology
America’s Best
Anodyne Therapy
Aspen Dental
Boone Physicians Services
DDS Dentures and Implants
Dr. Meyer Pain Clinic
Elaine Cheong, DDS
Family Health Center
Kilgores Medical Pharmacy
Missouri Orthopedic Institute
Nick McHargue, DDS
Quest Diagnostic
Restoration Eye Care
University of Missouri Hospital & Clinics
Walmart Vision Center-Columbia

Are you ready to participate in a new kind of health care program?

So why should you choose Wavelength Health Plan? It is simple: you are participating in care delivered in a tailored way to your needs; your need is preventative care, not reactionary, prescriptive care; with multiple ways to interact with our care provider to establish good communication from day one. Give us a call or send us a message below. Download the agreement so that we may be able to assist you with any questions or completing the forms. What we are offering is not just a product – it is a philosophy rooted in the mission of Spectrum Health Care and its desire to provide solutions to health care barriers. Your investment in your health ensures that you are a vital part of the care delivery of an organization that helps individuals and communities achieve the best health outcomes possible. It all starts with you, your health, and your Wavelength Health Plan!* NOTE: Spectrum Health Care does not suggest or recommend the Wavelength Health Plan as a replacement for your current Major Medical Health Insurance.